Chrysler Halcyon concept electric car unveiled

Chrysler Halcyon concept electric car presented

Chrysler Halcyon concept electric car presented

Chrysler has shared its vision of the electric car of the future – the Halcyon concept. The car turned out to be quite futuristic, so you shouldn’t expect a production version this decade.

We are talking about new batteries that contain lithium-sulfur cells. They have a 60% smaller carbon footprint because they do not include manganese, cobalt or nickel, and theoretically have a higher energy density than modern batteries. This technology is still in development and, moreover, has not undergone serious explosion hazard testing. It is noted that Halcyon, among other things, received a wireless charging system (the ability to receive electricity from the road while driving).

And yet, these are just big words for now. The Halcyon concept is actually used to present the new STLA Large architecture, which, in theory, should use innovative technologies. However, the reality will be much more mundane, because the company intends to present as many as 6 models on this platform by 2026.

If we talk about design, then the Chrysler Halcyon is quite consistent with the modern vision of future cars. Large panoramic windshield, lack of side pillars, hinged doors and “wooden” doors. bucket seats  – we have seen all this many times, and this is the first thing that will be abandoned in the production version. But the car also has its own peculiarity – the side parts of the roof open according to the “gull wing” principle. It is also a rather impractical solution, which most likely will not go into the production version, if there is one.