Toyota Century will change form factor

Toyota Century will change the form factor

Toyota Century will change the form factor

Century – This is a legendary model for Toyota. A luxurious black sedan that was loved by the country's elite. Even in the garage of the imperial family there were these cars. However, times are changing, and the management of the Japanese concern is already ready to change the form factor of the model

In general, the model can turn into a crossover! Japanese news agencies report that the new product will be released at the end of this year.  They will build a car based on the platform from the Toyota Grand Highlander, which was presented the other day.

The assembly of the all-terrain Century, according to Nikkei, will be organized at a plant in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi on the same assembly line as Lexus models.  True, the car will also be supplied to global markets. By the way, the Century sedan has never left Japan.