Hyundai's hydrogen supercar coming in 2026

Hyundai's hydrogen supercar will appear in 2026

Hyundai's hydrogen supercar will appear in 2026

Hyundai continues to develop a hydrogen supercar. It is expected that it will be called N74 and will be released in a limited edition of 200 copies, which are planned to be produced between 2026 and 2028.

The car will be a serial embodiment of the N Vision 74 concept, presented four years ago . Its design is based on the 1974 two-door Pony Coupe. The N74 will receive gullwing doors, LED optics consisting of many square pixels, a large rear wing and a sporty aerodynamic body kit.

The 671-horsepower N Vision 74 concept was equipped with two electric motors and a hydrogen installation. The production version will be more powerful – 765 hp. It is claimed that the car will be able to accelerate to “hundreds”. in 3 seconds. They are going to test the prototype this year at the Nurburgring and even the company intends to break the record of the Mercedes-AMG One, which was able to complete a lap in 6 minutes and 35.183 seconds.